General Information

Sheraton Buenos Aires Hotel & Convention Center

The Sheraton Buenos Aires Hotel & Convention Center, located in San Martin 1225/1275, 1104 CABA, Argentina will be the venue for the XX Foromic.

Buenos Aires

The Argentine capital is a cosmopolitan city located on the western shore of the Rio de la Plata, in the central-eastern region of the country. Buenos Aires is sometimes called "the Paris of South America" for its European architecture and heritage, its cobblestone alleys and its cafes.

The city is characterized by its great offer of cultural activities, including libraries, museums, theaters and cultural centers, among others. Their traditional porteño cuisine, influenced by Italian and Spanish immigrants, can be enjoyed throughout the different neighborhoods in the city, with Argentinean asado being the most famous dish. Another traditional activity is to visit a milonga to enjoy tango with live musicians and dancers.

The Ministro Pistarini International Airport (EZE), commonly known as Ezeiza International Airport, is the largest airport in Argentina and is listed as one of the best in Latin America. The airport is located 45 minutes from the Sheraton Hotel.


The average annual temperature in Buenos Aires is 18ºC (64ºF). Spring (from September to December) tends to be a rainy season, but it is usually a drizzle or light rain that does not interfere with the normal development of activities and allows walking on the street with umbrellas or raincoats. The weather in this time of year is pleasant during the day with cold nights.


Semiformal dress is recommended for both the daytime sessions and evening events. Remember that temperatures in conference rooms may vary.


In Argentina, the electrical voltage is 220V. All electronic devices designed for 110V require a transformer. Some portable devices, including laptop computers, usually have transformers which are adaptable to the Argentine electrical system. Please check the specifications in your devices before plugging them in.


In the event of a medical emergency, whether due to illness or some other ailment, please go to the emergency medical service, located inside the convention center. For any other type of emergency, please contact your country’s embassy or consular office, where you will be able to receive appropriate guidance and obtain the necessary support to resolve your problem. Foromic offers information services in the registration area to participants in need of assistance.


Participants are advised to observe the same general safety precautions that they would abide by when traveling to any major city. For example, participants should safeguard their documents and valuables by using the safety deposit box in their hotel room. Similarly, participants should only use trusted transportation services that are duly identified and mobilize in metered taxis to ensure they are charged the right fare. Taxis can be arranged through the hotel or the information desk at the convention center.

Eating raw vegetables is not recommended, especially those that grow at ground level (e.g. lettuce, carrots, etc.). If you are going to consume them, make sure they come from a well-known supermarket or restaurant that complies with sanitary standards. In general, Buenos Aires's drinking water is completely safe for ingestion. For people who are generally more susceptible to changes in their environments, we suggest drinking only bottled water during your first days in Argentina. Bottled water is commonly found in supermarkets, stores and restaurants.

Although Buenos Aires is a safe city for foreigners, we recommend that you pay attention to your personal belongings at all times, especially in crowded areas. Please abstain from walking by yourself during the night and from going alone to places that are far from the place where you are staying.

Travel and Health Insurance

Neither Foromic nor the logistics firm are responsible for participants’ medical or travel insurance, or any theft or personal accidents they may encounter. Participants are advised to take appropriate precautionary measures in this regard.


Simultaneous interpretation services will be available in English and Spanish at all of the event´s sessions.

Value Added Tax

The Value Added Tax (VAT) is 21%.

Local Currency – Argentine Peso ($)

The official currency of Argentina is the Argentine Peso (ARS). Participants are advised to always travel with US Dollars or make use of the money exchange stations at the airport or hotels. 1 USD is equivalent to $16.09 Argentine Pesos.

Time Zone

The official time zone in Argentina is GMT/UTC -3.


Some nationalities require a travel visa to visit Argentina. Obtaining the appropriate visa is a personal matter. Neither Foromic nor the logistics firm will be held responsible if a participant is unable to attend the event due their failure in obtaining an appropriate visa.


Foromic will provide transportation services from official hotels / event venue / social event / official hotels.

The routes airport / hotel / airport are the responsibility of each individual participant and may be organized, at the participant’s cost, through their hotel. For your safety, we recommend participants to take an official airport taxi (TaxiEzeiza), which has a cost of around US$40 for a trip to City Center, and a discounted price for roundtrip reservations.