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The Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport is located in Soledad, Atlántico, 40 minutes from Barranquilla´s Puerta de Oro Convention Center.
Airport address: 30th St.- Km. 7 Airport Ernesto Cortissoz - Soledad Soledad, Atlántico.


Warm & dry tropical climate. Average temperature 88ºF. (max. 91ºF- min. 86ºF)


Foromic reccomends semiformal attire for daily sessions and evening events.
We remind all participants that conference room temperatures may vary


In Barranquilla, as in Colombia in general, electrical current is 110w. Without exception all electrical devices with 220w-current require a voltage transformer.
Most portable devices usually require a voltage transformer of variable voltage such as (110w-240w).
Some hotels may have installed already 220w electrical facilities. Please check the electrical current before using your electrical devices.


In case of a medical emergency during the summit, there will be a first response team on call at the Puerta de Oro Convention Center.
For any other emergencies, please contact your home country’s embassy or consulate for assistance and support.
Foromic 2018, if needed, also offers assistance to delegates at the registration area at the Puerta de Oro Convention Center.

Personal Safety and Security

We advise you to travel responsibly and with caution, as you would in any destination.
Even though Barranquilla is considered a safe city for foreigners, We recommend:

Travel & Health Insurance

Every delegate is responsible for their valid health and travel insurance. Neither Foromic or the official logistic company will be responsible for any personal accidents or security incedents (such as theft) that may occur.
We strongly recommend that participants take personal safety measures.


English-Spanish simultaneous translation will be available at all times during the summit official meetings.

Sales tax

All purchases carry a Value Added Tax (IVA) of 19%. Purchases at restaurants and bars carry a 8% Ipoconsumo Tax.

Local currency- Colombian Peso ($)

The Colombian Peso is the official Colombian currency. We recommend traveling with US Dollars and exchanging at hotels or at authorized foreign exchange kiosks.


The Colombian official time is set at GMT-5
Colombian working hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 12.00 m.; 14:00 p.m. to 18:00 p.m.
Shooping Center working hours Monday through Friday are from 10:00 a.m. to 21:00 p.m.


Please be aware that citizens from some countries require visas to travel into Colombia. We reccomend checking online or at the Colombian embassy or consulate closest to you.
Neither Foromic or the official logistic company will be responsible for those delegates that can not attend the summit for visa issues.


Within the city
Foromic will provide local transportation between:

Transfers to and from the airport will require individual reservations in advance, either with the hotel or with Gema Tours, at each participant’s expense.


Tourism Packages
For those who enjoy tourism, there are some packages availables at an additional cost. Reservations can be made thru Gema Tours, the Foromic oficcial travel agency.